September 29, 2023

Winter is coming.

What do skaters do in the winter? Some may go to indoor skateparks, some may visit indoor pump tracks, and some even complain! The more diverse skaters venture into the realm of snow-sports. Skiing and snowboarding is a fundamental part of the townskate brand, and has been for some time. We pride ourselves in the fact that our group can excel in all seasons and all terrain.

Long ago, our mission wasn’t rooted in content creation solely, however we did enjoy our time on the slopes with the crew. For some of us, it was about competing against ourselves, while testing our limits on skis or a snowboard. For others, it was about filming and creating videos. For all of us, it was about spending time with your friends on the mountain and just having fun. The mission of townskate hasn’t changed, though it has evolved. As a close knit group, we’ve learned to push each other to new heights. Getting out of your comfort zone is never easy, and is often quite daunting. Whether it’s trying snowboarding/skiing for the first time, bombing a sketchy hill, riding close quarters in a train formation, or attempting a risky trick, the Legends’ main goal is to to assist each other and help one another reach their full potential.

Among the most prominent names in the townskate crew in terms of skill on both skis and a longboard is our dear friend, Justin Bright. He showed us pretzel grinds, buttery entries onto boxes and rails, and even inverted aerial flips since the very beginning. Justin is an inspiration to townskate and many others.

Justin flipping off the camera.

Like Justin, we need to adapt to our ever-changing surroundings. Embrace what is in front of us to achieve excellence. Adapting to a snowy, harsh environment can be challenging, but remember; these challenges through life build us up and allow us to learn and grow as individuals.

“Stay Hard

– David Goggins

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