December 4, 2023


08/18/2022 10:46 PM ET

STC/Townskate Drop

The STC/Townskate drop is now available in our Shop! There will be subsequent drops to follow, along with a Fly City Boards drop featuring exclusive Fly City designs both old and new. The Fly City branding has served as a sub-brand with STC and Townskate being the parent companies overseeing its production on clothing, merchandise, accessories, posts, etc. With the overarching parental head office being Trillness, all necessary parties have agreed to and signed off on these involvements. As always, be sure to turn notifications on and follow closely with our Discord to stay in the loop with all these happenings.


05/28/2022 2:13 AM ET

Townskate Tutorials

Our team has embarked on a journey to educate and inform skaters around the globe. Look forward to weekly tutorial videos on our YouTube channel! Along with these tutorial videos, the team will also be producing content relating to cutting-edge technology and news affecting the skating industry.

03/10/2022 10:24 PM ET

The Townskaters – An NFT Project from @townskate

The Townskate Execs have made strides in promoting The Townskaters NFT Collection. The collection will be broadcasted on OpenSea using the Polygon ecosystem. The drop date has been confirmed for June 21st, 2022 – which also happens to be National Go Skateboarding Day in the United States.

Our LinkTree is also available here. From our LinkTree, users within the community can easily navigate to our various outlets. From our NFT Discord, to our YouTube and socials, find it all via the LinkTree.

The Townskaters make up a collection of 10,000 unique skaters encompassing the townskate brand. This feature project has made up a major portion of the workload for members of townskate, primarily the townskate executives.


JARS Rail Jam – Owosso, MI: 03/02/2022 – Featuring one of our own, Justin Bright

Another Day at Mt. Holly: 02/26/2022 – The Mid-Michigan Mountain


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