September 29, 2023

The Townskaters NFT Drop

The Pioneer NFT Project from Townskate

“The Townskaters” is an art + utility NFT Collection of 10,000 unique skaters living on the Polygon Blockchain. Townskate USA has been at the forefront of media creation since 2009. What started off as a group of friends making skateboarding and snow sports videos, quickly became a community of passionate, creative individuals with a vision to scale both the sport of longboarding, and web3 technology.

We have an extensive Web1 ,Web2, and Web3 digital infrastructure for our community.

Web1: our website is the gateway to our blog, store, and other social media outlets. You can also find the doxxed creators and the story of the conceptualization of Townskate.

Web2: all of our social media outlets gives access to the latest on everything Townskate. This includes our Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Discord.

Web3: “The Townskaters” NFT Collection stands at the frontier of Townskate’s integration into the Web3 space. Future drops will include utility.

Until 500 Townskater NFTs have been minted, they are FREE.

Be sure to check back here periodically for all updates on this project. Thank you.

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