September 29, 2023

Jibba Jabba 2023

What’s up, peeps? Let me tell you a story about a snowboarding event that went down in Houghton last night. 35 snowboarders from across the Midwest came to compete in the revived snowboarding event, Jibba Jabba.

The event was held on a snow course built all the way down Huron Street in Houghton, with a cash purse of $1,000 in men’s and women’s divisions on the line. Northern Specialty Health put up a $500 best trick award as well.

“We had all different types of features set out here,” said Jibba Jabba Event Organizer Jenn Reed. “We had some rail features, some jump features, and the point was the rider took from the top of the course and did as many tricks and stylish things all the way to the bottom.”

Rhythm Bike & Board Co. created the event, which was last held in 2013. The company worked with the city of Houghton and other sponsors, such as Visit Keweenaw and Mont Ripley to make the event run smoothly.

There was live music and food, such as pasties from Keweenaw Coffee Works, available at the competition. The Forge Food Truck was also present.

Reed said the event’s return next year is uncertain.

“I will find out Monday if things went smoothly,” continued Reed, “We’d sure hope to have this be an annual or bi-annual thing.”

According to Visit Keweenaw, bringing attention and outside talent to the event could spread to potential tourists.

“We got all these Midwest snowboarders coming to town, so that is bringing them into the area,” said Visit Keweenaw Public Relations and Events Coordinator Jesse Wiederhold. “Hopefully, they posted some pictures and came back, and got other people to come, too.”

If you want to see the sick moves and rad tricks that went down at the Jibba Jabba snowboarding event, check out the video here. Until next time, peace!

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