March 22, 2023


John J. II CEO

Formed the townskate franchise in July of 2009 with a vision to build a brand centered around skating and board sports. In the early days of filming, John J. would film local in-line skaters, bmx riders, and skateboarders. The scope soon expanded to embarking on the incredible journey of longboarding, a pastime formed and ingrained in the community of Flushing, MI. The Longboard Legends were born shortly afterward, with a multitude of projects to follow. The first major project, a Longboard Movement was produced in July of 2017, solidifying a focus on longboarding and downhill sports.

Andre DabishLead Developer

A vital component to the brand, Andre Dabish has been in and around the Longboard Legends since its birth. Andre has been integral in filming, planning, mapping, editing, and producing various projects related to townskate. Andre has made breakthroughs in implementing computer programs and specific software in townskate’s groundbreaking NFT project, The Townskaters. Specializing in event planning, operations, and technical related capabilities, Andre took on the role of Lead Developer prior to a Longboard Movement II in 2018.

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