September 29, 2023

Orangatang Caguama

Up here in the northwoods, our roads and trails undergo harsh conditions while trying to maintain a rideable surface. Most often, our roads and trails will crack and fracture making the riding surface rough.

Luckily Orangatang makes big wheels.

I recently put these Orangatang Caguamas on my daily deck, and I feel pretty invincible. Even the deepest cracks on my campus are no match for my big ol’ wheels. Look at these things.

These big ol’ 85mm diameter set are suitable for E-Longboarding as they have radial holes installed within. These radial holes allow for motors with spokes to connect directly into the wheels. Originally, the holes are there to reduce the weight of the wheel, but everyone likes Orangatang wheels, so people made a special electric motor to strap onto these wheels – called a direct drivetrain. There also exists belt driven wheels, and motors that have hubs with wheels mounted to the hub. The directly driven wheels cant slip up like the belt drive, and you can always replace your wheels for new ones as opposed to replacing the entire motor with the hub driven wheels.

When I made this YouTube Short about changing your longboard wheels, I was installing these wheels on my board. It has been a few months with them on, and I cut through the rough patches and cracks like butter. These wheels dominate.

“Stay Hard”

– David Goggins

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