September 29, 2023

Video Game Series: Skate.

You might be wondering, what happened to “Skate” the video game series developed by EA? We used to meet up with all the homies late at night before bed to go to Super Ultra Mega Park on Skate 3. Are we ever going to relive these fond memories? 

Well, yes, yes we are.

The video game series Skate is back stylized as “skate.” developed by EA! While this game is still in the development stage, townskate will keep a keen eye on the release date and any other news related to the release and development of the latest installment of the video game series “Skate”. 

Skate 3 features many destinations to visit that all take place in the fictional city of Port Carverton. This time, “skate.” or Skate 4 will take place in the fictional city of San Vanelona. Skaters will be able to powerslide, build, and even swing on the monkey bars in San Vanelona. EA dedicated an entire studio to develop this game called Full Circle in BC Canada. It will be the most in-depth, creative, and realistic skate game of all time, and we are here for it.

Stay tuned, and prepare for greatness. 

Gameplay screenshot of Skate 3 in the city of Port Carverton.

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